Nordic design meets ancient practice.

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Boost your meditation with deep comfort.

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Six different positions to reduce muscle and joint pain.

Most capable cushion ever

FOLD enables you 6 sitting positions to choose from based on your level of experience for deeper focus

Less painful sitting

Our cushions help you to sit in the most optimal position that reduces back and knee pressure

Get started easily

Every purchase comes with a simple-to-follow meditation instruction to start building a daily habit

Our cushions are all about less pain and more flow.

Slight forward tilt

Our cushions help you to easily achieve an optimal 5 degree tilt for less back pressure and pain.

Neutral pelvic position

Provides best blood flow and a freer position to breathe naturally while providing a secure sitting position.

Choose your own stifness

All our cushions come with optimal levels of hypoallergenic buckwheat filling. But you can always remove some to change stiffness.

Craftsmanship that lasts

Designed and produced in Estonia by craftsmen with over 30 years of experience with furniture-grade fabrics that last for decades.

Follows your meditation journey

Our FOLD provides you with the most positions of any meditation cushion. Make your sitting comfortable as a beginner. More challenging as a pro.

Starting with meditation takes effort. Make it easier with the best cushion.


No meditation apps required

I loved the one-page meditation instruction along with my Classic purchase. Got me going instantly without downloading any apps.

Founder & CEO of Drigmo


I love the simplicity and design

I just bought two Classic cushions and love the simplicity of the design! Came out our daughter likes it as well so she uses it to sit and watch cartoons.

Founder of Yoga with Reet


Part of my everyday

The look and feel for the meditation cushion is great! I’m not very flexible yet still feel comfortable sitting on my Fold. The only problem is my dog loves it as much as I do…

CEO of Nahrin


Fell in love with it’s fresh scent

Super supportive pillow for hugs, naps, and laptop support. Fell in love with it's fresh scent :)

Co-Founder of Mindful Movement Studios


Follows your meditation journey

Fold is THE multitool for meditation. Its versatility makes it perfect for restless minds who like to go at it with long sitting sessions. This cushion will stay with me for a long time.

Co-Founder of Wynter


Founder's stories resonated with me

As I go through life's ups and downs, fall and get back up again, my SUMA meditation cushion sends me off to the day, one breath at the time.

Global Talent Consultant & Strategist


Love in craftsmanship

Easy to know you’re doing your best to care for yourself when you can feel the love gone into crafting this product.



Good amount of lift off the floor

The Classic cushion is very comfortable and a good height for me. I’m not terribly flexible and the cushion gives me a good amount of lift off the floor to sit cross legged for extended amounts of time.

COO of Milieu

15 minutes

Studies show 15min of meditation is already effective in releasing stress (-31%), reducing anxiety (-36%) and improving focus (+22%).


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