Here are two events that were important in bringing SUMA to life.

Siim – Founder (no beard)
The year is 2007 and I am studying in Aarhus, Denmark for my Marketing degree. My good friend Viljo tells me about this crazy-sounding idea to spend Christmas and New Years’ eve in a 10-day meditation camp in the periphery of Germany (Meppen).
No talking. Only eating plants. Sitting meditation from 4 am until 9 pm. He promises a “life-changing event”. I am skeptical but intrigued. “How much does it cost?” I ask. He says it’s as much as you can donate. I am thinking – my ability to donate is about 10 empty bottles of wine. In other words, this thing is FREE.
Fast forward to mid-December. We arrive in Meppen. A population of 34,000 says Wikipedia. But it feels like these numbers are Excel projections for the year 2200.
Soon we arrive at the venue. Viljo turns around and looks me in the eye saying: “Promise me that you will stick it out until the end!”. I say “Ok, sure…”. While thinking to myself, how hard can it be?
Came out I was wrong. And stupid. But mostly wrong. It was hard. Maybe one of the hardest things I have ever done. Physically, mentally and emotionally.
Ideally, you don’t start with a retreat but practice 5 minutes a day at home. Then 10min. Then 15min. And then longer, if you want to.
But it was life-changing and 110% worth it. 
I’ve been sitting daily since 2010. If we are able to help people enjoy more calmness, focus, and productivity in their lives then I consider this life well lived. 
First prototypes where all done on an everlasting Singer
Martin – Co-Founder & Product Design (with beard)
The year is 2020 and I injured my right foot at work. Having injured my back the year before made me immediately dread using the crutches again. But there I was. Due to injury my body is in radiant pain and I am forced to not work and stay indoors.
I sink into contemplation about my life in general. There was no escape. I start slowly getting a sense that I am doing something fundamentally wrong in life. I develop mild anxiety and deep dive into YouTube as a result.
The infinite spiral of documentaries from astrophysics, aviation, war, engineering, and architecture leads me finally to spirituality.
At some point, a guy in a turban started talking about the mechanics of fear. That’s where things got a bit mystical for me. The manner of speaking felt eerily familiar. As if I have heard this yogi’s wisdom over and over and over again. Suddenly it dawned on me. I have listened to this exact sequence of words in a psychedelic trance track – on repeat for years. Somehow we have now found each other on this bizarre video. The guy was Sadguru. And I kinda turned into a yogi. 
Now I consider my daily meditations more important than meals.
PS: SUMA means flower in sanskrit. 

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